In the wormhole of time travel, there are many bloodthirsty ancient beasts hidden in the dark. In order to fight against the ancient beasts that may appear, the brave commanders began to build Corps composed of the Brigades to travel through the wormhole together. After multiple corps were attacked and killed by monsters, the smart commanders began to invite the Fleets to join their corps to kill the monsters.
The special time portal for Corps opens every three hours. If you have at least one brigade or fleet, you can create your own Corps to join the special time travel in the next three hours.
Without creating your own Corps, you can join an existed Corps with one of your brigade or fleet.
In each special time travel, many corps will enter the wormhole together. The more brigades or fleets in these corps, the easier it is to encounter stronger monsters.
Over the long years, these ancient monsters have killed a large number of time travelers and taken away their property.
Commanders, we, as the surviving human, are now united.
We who were once prey have now grown into hunters.
It's time to kill these monsters and take away their treasure.
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