4) Back to the Past Era
The last point we will touch on in this brief strategic guide to getting started in Human:Memento, is the rewards of each Era.
Rewards in the game are achieved once we have a brigade ready to travel back to these eras, one of the mechanics that we will have to deal with is the percentage of victory versus the rewards given.
The victory percentage per Era is reduced each time you reach a higher level era, starting with 88% for Era 1, Era 2 is 86%, and so it will continue depending on the section your Era belongs to. Therefore, the optimal strategy is one that achieves an appropriate balance of rewards versus the risk of not performing a successfully exploration.
It is important to note that this recommended strategy is not perfect and can be optimized by players whom we strongly recommend, however, it is a great place to start.
We're glad you enjoyed this brief guide, have fun in this new Play-To-Earn revolution! :)
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