2) Setup Time Machine
Without Time Machines, we cannot build our Brigades, therefore, the first thing we must do is to mint a time machine in the "My Time Machines" section.
Before minting a time machine, we need to approve $EPK and Human contracts. Once we have our first Time Machines, we can start minting Explorers, even if you are starting as a beginner, a good step to take is to aim for an average of 1000 Skill Points.
Remember that we can unlock a new era for every 100 Skill Points, as our scale of eras is based on how many mementos they have, therefore, more advanced eras will be less likely to be completed successfully and will produce more $EPK due to their difficulty.
This 1000 Skill Points will allow players to explore up to the tenth era, where your success rate will depend on the rank of your brigade.
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