Explorers travel to the past eras in search of $EPK and face grave dangers to mine them, eras are rated according to the difficulty of collecting mementos, the closest eras are the ones with the most $EPK on them, thus rewarding the brave adventurers who dare to explore them.
Currently, there are 30 eras known to the surviving humans, our explorers travel to and from these eras depending on the Skill Points of the Brigade and the Skill Points provided by the Explorers within your Brigade.
In order to protect our workforce, the surviving humans allows them to travel only to the eras that their Skill Points allows them, that is, if we have a Brigade composed of Explorers with a total amount of Skill Points of 500, we could go to the Fifth era.
Every 100 Skill Points you can access a closer era where you can get better rewards, always remembering that the Veterans Guild rewards you for having more Skill Points than required by the current era.
Players cannot travel to closest eras unless they meet the Skill Points requirements.
Each era's reward increases exponentially as you travel further into the Metaverse. Players who take more risks will have pockets full of $EPK.
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